Excellent results and service. Many thanks!


Friendly but Professional. Staff attitude relaxed me. Because I bruise easily, which I pointed out to Dr Dray, his assurance that his recommended treatment would not bruise my skin, and still achieve result, made me happy the following morning. This has made me confident in any future treatments in this clinic.


With the new clinic all our bad comments disappear. No long time waiting any more. Everything organised.


After years with hair loss at last there is no more hair loss and hair start growing again.


I have had a few fillers over the last few years but I can honestly say the treatment I received from Dr. Dray is simply the best. I was looked after on a highly professional basis from the consultation, to facial injections and afterwards. The staff were very welcoming and Dr. Dray was a charming man who I felt very comfortable with. I will definitely be going back to the clinic in the near future.


I am always so pleased with the results of Dr Dray's work, and I know they will only do work that is going to really enhance my appearance and give a very natural result which is exactly what I want - and what they achieve so effortlessly. The new premises are really lovely and very calming. Congratulations on creating such a beautiful space. I guess the waiting times can sometimes be an issue but to be honest I know to block out a certain amount of time now so it is not a problem and Oksana is always so nice and accommodating.


Lovely clinic with amazing friendly staff. Always feel welcome and get best treatment. Highly recommend. Thanks.


I’d just like to say that you have the most wonderful team working with you. Benjamin and Oksana literally make me smile all day after I’ve seen them. I’ve recommended you to so many people and will certainly continue to do so.


My skin’s favourite place.


Thank you so much for everything every time I feel 10 years younger and more beautiful after your treatment.


Outstanding service and care. I would highly recommend this clinic.


Great Doctor and a great team. Thank you Lulwa.


I could not have been happier with my results. Thank you Anthony for making me feel good about myself! And Irina has been extremely friendly and caring.


Excellent service! Amazing doctor! Lovely atmosphere! I would strongly recommend!


Always great treatments and amazing results. Thank you.


Very organised team with up to date equipments. I feel i can close my eyes and relax; I’m in good hands of professionals. I get a royal luxury treatment with an extra ordinary luxurious products.


Everything was great clean clinic very nice and friendly staff and Dr Dray was very kind and sweet everything was perfect even the new look thank you all.


Outstanding service, hygiene and treatments .As always amazed of how fresh and natural I look after been in Dr clinic. I don’t know how I will look and feel this great without all them!


Definitely coming back!!


All doctors were very light handed and excellent! Very happy with my treatments!


I’m only giving it a four as I’m still swollen and hopefully in 10 days time When I return to see Anthony and Dr Dray it will be perfect! Many thanks .. good to be back.


Thank you! Dr Dray is just so lovely!


The Doctors are professional, super attentive to our needs and there for you when things are not 100%.


It was very nice to see Dr Dray and all other staff. I have had a consultation but he did not offer me any treatment they just discussed few option before performing any procedure.


I want to express my thanks to all the team and lovely girls at Dr Dray clinic for their efficiency and friendly attitude, and wish first and foremost to say a HUGE thank you to the great professor Dr. Dray and Benjamin for the fabulous work, and to let them know how much they mean to me, and how much I love their work.


Wonderful experience. Happy with results. Will be back for a couple more things.


I love the staff, the service is great and I adore the doctor who never agrees to do more than I need and refuses to go along with my suggestions unless he sees fit !!He is the best and so is his team!! Love you all!!


Amazing service as usual, I have been visiting both clinics in London and Paris for the past 2 years and I recommend the whole team to everyone I know. Oh, and the new London location is amazing!


Thanks Dr Dray and his team.


Am very impressed and I don’t regret coming to the clinic per my friend’s recommendations.