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Restore vitality and vigour to your hair in just a few sessions

Alopecia, or hair loss, affects men but also women, giving them a tired, aged, and even sick appearance. Hairloss in men and women is a normal phenomenon, however if hair loss becomes too significant, then one must make sure that this doesn’t develop into a more serious form of alopecia.

In men and women, androgenic alopecia is most often hormonal in origin, caused by excess levels of testosterone, androstenedione… This presence is often caused by traumatic events such as stress. Often temporary, this can be treated and is not progressive.

Several options are available to slow down hair loss and to encourage and stimulate regrowth.

In our London clinic, several treatments are suggested to stimulate hair regrowth:

Mesotherapy is a very efficient and painless technique for slowing hair loss.
Medical trials show that the chances of regrowth using mesohair mesotherapy are 60%, compared with 12% using minoxidil or finasteride. As the two techniques are compatible, it is recommended to use them together for an optimal result.

Mesohair mesotherapy directly targets the causes of hairloss:

  • Balances hormone levels around the follicles
  • Delivers specially-adapted nutrients
  • Stimulates blood circulation

Mesohair mesotheraphy is a non-invasive technique based on micro-injections directly to the epidermis of the scalp, in the targeted tissue.

In the Dray clinic in London, a specially-adapted protocol has been devised by the doctor.

It is recommended to alternate mesohair mesotherapy sessions with Mesoplasma mesotherapy sessions (enriched with extremely stimulating growth factors).

The two mesotherapy technqiues – mesohair or mesoplasma – are prepared using the same vitamin base, including minerals, biotin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, nucleic acids and co-enzymes.

For mesoplasma mesotherapy the plasma of the patient, which is naturally rich in platelets and growth factors, is added, after taking a blood sample, which will actively stimulate hair regrowth.

How is a session of mesohair treatment carried out?
In the Dray clinic in London, a session of skin treatment with mesohair or mesoplasma through mesotherapy injections lasts about 15 minutes. Each session of mesohair or mesoplasma mesotherapy starts with a detailed diagnostic exam of the skin and areas to be treated by the doctor. Once the diagnosis has been established, the treatment decided upon and consent received, the mesohair or mesoplasma mesotherapy injections are carried out by the doctor using an airpressure gun which delivers a micro-dose of either the mesohair or mesoplasma cocktails through a painless micro-needle. The dose is perfectly calculated and equal every time, likewise the depth of the injection is controlled by the doctor for an optimal result. The injections are carried out on the scalp to deeply hydrate and stimulate hair regrowth. At the end of the treatment an LED session is carried out to enhance the stimulating treatment. The patient can then immediately go about their day, as mesohair mesotherapy does not cause any major undesirable side effects and therefore there is no recovery time.

Duration of mesotherapy treatment
Generally a minimum of 8 intensive sessions, alternating between mesohair and mesoplasma mesotherapy, is advised to effectively stimulate hair regrowth. Hairloss generally stops after the second session and hair starts to growth back after two or three months. For lasting results, it is recommended to continue with maintenance mesohair or mesoplasma mesotherapy treatments every 3 months.

Good to know
For people with severe hair loss, hair transplants using the Dr Dray FUE technique is also available in the Dray clinic in London.

Consultation is free of charge.