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Improves the complexion, quality and elasticity of your skin

The mesolift, invented by Dr Maurice Dray himself, is an aesthetic mesotherapy treatment which involves injecting a medical cocktail – custom-made according to your skin’s needs – based on hyaluronic acid with the best antioxidants around (vitamins, minerals, plants, elastin…).

Among the great advantages of this beauty treatment, the mesolift instantly improves the skin’s complexion, it hydrates from within, prolonging youthful skin.

A course of mesolift treatments is recommended for optimal results.
In our Paris and London clinics, we generally recommend 3 mesolift treatments spaced out over two weeks to start with, followed by maintenance sessions every two to three months.

How is mesolift treatment using mesotherapy injections carried out?
A session of mesolift skin treatment using mesotherapy injections lasts about 10-15 minutes. Each mesolift treatment starts with a detailed diagnostic exam of the lines to be treated. Once the diagnosis has been established and the treatment program ascertained, the first treatment can be performed on the same day. The skin is first cleansed of makeup and an anti-septic is wiped over the skin, a topical anaesthetic cream is then applied and left for a few minutes for desirable comfort during the mesolift procedure.

The mesolift injections are administered into the skin using an airpressure gun which delivers an equal micro-dose of the mesolift cocktail through a microneedle. The depth of the injections is controlled by the practitioner depending on the needs of the skin for optimal results. Mesolift injections can be carried out over the whole face and neck, décolleté and other parts of the body that need to be deeply hydrated and stimulated.

At the end of the treatment refreshing and moisturising hyaluronic acid mask is applied to calm the treated skin. The patient can then immediately go about their day, as the Mesolift will not cause any major undesirable side effects and therefore there is no down time.

Immediate visible results!

The effects of Mesolift treatment using mesotherapy injections are immediate with optimal results visible after the second day. The effects are cumulative, if the treatment is carried out as a course of treatments every four to five weeks.

Additional information
The effects of the mesolift have cumulative benefits for your skin. Revitalised, hydrated and nourished, the skin continues to produce collagen and elastin.

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